Denise "The Vamp DeVille" Zubizarreta is a Mixed Media Interdisciplinary Artist from Union City, NJ currently living and working in Denver, CO, and is the producer of Punx & Pins First Sunday Art Exchange at Streets Denver. 


US Navy VET, Gold Star Wife, former Tattoo Model and Podcast "Shock Jock" - Zubizarreta's art combines her life experiences with digital watercolor, graphic art, and photo editing techniques; showcasing a modern style with dark & twisty influences from society, politics, and music.


Zubizarreta's work has been exhibited in gallery and LIVE painting performances with RAW Artists & Art Battle Denver. Recently, her VR Collaboration "Holy Shit" can be seen at the Online Performance Art Festive with "Virtually Diverse: Performance in Isolation" with the 8 Week Cooperative. Her sculpture work can be seen in the upcoming "Future of Now" exhibition at the Emmanuel Art Gallery - University of Colorado, Denver.