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In ‘Denise,’ a gripping journey unfolds as a radio DJ confronts her younger self over the airwaves, navigating through the tumultuous seas of past naval traumas and the heartbreak of losing her husband, in a soul-stirring quest for redemption and healing.

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Following the staged reading on March 6, 2024, “Cody” was renamed “Denise” for a podcast version which will premiere on June 23, 2024. Stay tuned for updates on how to experience this adaptation of Ms. Zubizarreta’s work.

“Denise” is a riveting and emotionally charged theatrical experience that brings to the stage the untold stories of love and sacrifice within military life. In this deeply moving drama, audiences are introduced to Cody and Denise, a military couple whose marriage is tested by the rigors of service and the harrowing realities of Denise’s deployment to Guantanamo Bay. Through a masterful blend of intense drama and poignant storytelling, “Denise” captures the essence of military commitment combined with the personal and mental toll it exacts on those who serve and the partners they leave behind.

Trigger warnings: domestic violence, suicide, addiction, and strong language

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The playlist for the podcast is not just a collection of songs mentioned in the episodes, but also a curated journey through Denise's emotional state. It includes songs that take you back to her past experiences, but also brings you into her life today. Each song is carefully selected to reflect Denise's current emotional state and to create a cohesive listening experience for the audience.

Join us June 23rd for the Release party for the Empire of Solitude and Denise narrative podcasts from Flamboyán Theatre, Denver's first Puerto Rican theatre company. The event doubles as a fundraiser for Flamboyán and its two sponsors, Boricuas Unidos en la Diaspora and Raíces Brewing Company.

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