Plant a tree they say.

Plant a tree for loss, love, hope, and remembrance they say.

I can’t help but think about the symbolism of trees for the Black community. The trees that have heard the cries of so many innocent voices begging for hope and their lives.

Chop the trees down I say, no more lynchings, beatings, and shootings I say.

There are no trees to plant to make this better, there are only barriers and weapons to remove. What would the tree call out if it could?

“How Will You Take It?” - a collection of 7 shot glasses with one shooter glass - forces the viewer to ingest the horrific lynchings and shootings amongst the Black community from within the trees that were forced to bare a bitter hatred.

How will you take it? Shot after shot? Shooter after shooter?

Ceramic Art

Hand Carved Ceramic Shot & Shooter Set of 8