Your Betrayal

This piece showcases the American obsession with gun culture and their continual clutching to the second amendment. Hung by our own beliefs and inability to change, many reach and beg for the trigger though, unbeknownst to them it is by that same trigger that they will hang their patriotism. 


The hands reference the “gimmie-gimmie” nature of the American population. Constantly begging for more even though that may mean their own demise. With the increase in mass shootings in our country, we as a people hang by the flag and it’s symbolic representation of our “god given rights” though those rights may equally be how we manifest our own genocide. 


BANG! Like the bang-guns of old, except this flag isn’t a farce for sound. It is what we somehow choose to continue to stand behind, even if it is blindly.

Your Betrayal

  • Hand screenprinted onto approx 11"X15" hand torn Rives BFK bleached paper.

    Each sheet is unique and will not be identical to the other sheets.

    Color margins may not meet exactly to black.