Bohiti - Shamen, a Taino Spiritual Leader, one who knows the wisdom of both of the Plant and Spirit worlds.

Why tarot cards? 

The Major Arcana (which, along with the Minor Arcana, makes up the tarot) is comprised of archetypes that represent phases of self-actualization. 


They’re metaphors, characters that mark the patterns we all cycle through; reading the tarot is like reading a book. They’re perfect mediums to reflect the poignancy of collective survival, in which individual personhood becomes part of a larger narrative. 


“The Major Arcana is known to … depict the various stages we encounter as we search for greater meaning and understanding, the path to spiritual self-awareness,” Cosme said. “Therefore, these are the cards that hold deeply meaningful lessons.”

by Monica Uszerowicz

Screenprint on Glass, Wax, and Paper
Reduction Relief Print

 Set of 7