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One Pill At A Time

“Millions of Americans are struggling with health costs — even if they are insured — as prescription drug prices continue to rise. U.S. consumers pay far more than citizens of other nations for the same drugs, with a 2019 government study finding that people in other countries pay about 24% to 30% less than Americans pay for their medications. That means Americans' spending on prescriptions, on a per-capita basis, is the highest among the 12 nations in the study. At more than $1,200 per person in the U.S., that's double the average spending by people in countries such as Germany, the U.K. and Japan.”


 - CBS News | September 2021

One Pill At A Time

  • Tech Specs

    Set of 14 pill bottles and 12 caps

    Bag of coffee bean "caffeine pills" & change

    15" glass stand

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