Denise "The Vamp DeVille" Zubizarreta is a Mixed Media Interdisciplinary Artist raised between Union City, NJ, and Hialeah, FL, currently living and working in Denver, CO.

US Navy VET, Gold Star Wife, former Tattoo Model and Podcast "Shock Jock" - Zubizarreta's art combines her life experiences with digital painting, graphic art, sculpture, and photo editing techniques; showcasing a modern style with dark & twisty influences from society, politics, and music.


Zubizarreta is the current producer of Punx & Pins First Sunday Art Exchange at Streets Denver. Her work has been exhibited in gallery and LIVE painting performances with the Emmanuel Art Gallery, RAW Artists, and Art Battle Denver.


Her VR Collaboration "Holy Shit" can be seen on the Online Performance Art Festival website with "Virtually Diverse: Performance in Isolation" - as a member of The 8 Week Cooperative. Zubizarreta's recent sculpture work is also being showcased in the "Future of Now" virtual exhibition at the Emmanuel Art Gallery - University of Colorado, Denver.