Denise "The Vamp DeVille" Zubizarreta is a Puerto Rican and Cuban American Mixed Media Interdisciplinary Artist raised between Union City, NJ, and Hialeah, FL, currently living and working in Denver, CO. She is the former President of the Student Government Association at the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design where she is completing her BFA in Fine art.


Her artwork focuses on her connection to self through exploring childhood angst, chronic illness, PTSD, and cultural identity. It has been exhibited in gallery and in performance with the Emmanuel Art Gallery, RAW Artists, Las Laguna Gallery, RedLine, and Art Battle Denver. Her VR Collaboration "Holy Shit" can be seen on the Online Performance Art Festival website with "Virtually Diverse: Performance in Isolation" - as a member of The 8 Week Cooperative. Her sculpture work is also being showcased in the "Future of Now" virtual exhibition at the Emmanuel Art Gallery - University of Colorado, Denver.


Denise recently presented The Modern Borikén (an award winning paper on the Puerto Rican Statehood movement and colonizations impact on the cultural identity of the Puerto Rican people) at the HERA (Humanities Education + Research Association) Conference hosted by University of Texas - El Paso and at the RMCAD Research Symposium where it won the Quality of Paper Research award.