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Patience Comes In Waves

I found myself hoping that patience would finally find me in the midst of quarantine. I was mistaken, greatly. I wanted to explore so much and I could not while sitting at home. Isolated from the world my focus became perfection. Fueled by anxiety I became more meticulous through quarantine than I was before and the goal I was attempting slipped right through my fingers. 

I hoped this piece would let me let go of the idea of perfection. I hope to begin it all with the path laid out and the boxes perfectly placed. Yet the path is never so simple. The world changes, we get lost somewhere and in that frozen moment in our minds eye, all we can see is the failure, the imperfection, the thing we wished we changed. This is my ode to imperfection, to not having patience, to letting go of what everything is supposed to be and jumping into the what if without fear.

Patience Comes In Waves

Out of Stock
  • Tech Specs

    Set of 2

    Canvas Sizes:

    14” x 48” | 18” x 44”

    Fully Framed:

    18” x 52” x 4” | 22” x 48” x 4”

    • Hand taped shades of blue geometric pattern with heavy body acrylics on hand crafted canvas. 

    • Custom shadow box and frame.

    • Semi-Resin fill. 

    • Hand textured and formed wire accent sculptures.

    • 1 Wasp

    • 1 Bee

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