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Warp Bubbles

In Star Trek - A warp bubble, also known as a static warp bubble or static warp field, is a type of subspace deformation, a warp in the fabric of space. A person could become trapped within a warp bubble; escape would depend on creating a stable threshold between the warp bubble and the outside environment. 

In 2021, a team of engineers and physicists led by former NASA engineer Harold “Sonny” White say they had discovered the right conditions to — theoretically — create a small warp bubble in a lab. The discovery took place during a research project studying not warp drives but Casimir cavities and their ability to produce energy. 


Bubbles in the resin were inevitable because of the caverns in the clay so instead of attempting to eliminate them completely, I embraced them, by thinking back to the show that made me obsessed with space to begin with. This tiny world is much more than a trapped depiction of an otherworldly planet, it is also part of the space that surrounds it and the bubbles are how we can finally get there!

Warp Bubbles

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  • Tech Specs

    9" x 6.3" x 6.6"

    Clay craters in resin


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